About us

Who are we?

In the spring of 2007 a team of experienced software professionals decided to follow their dreams and founded their own Attain Dreams Ltd. Our strong focus on customer satisfaction, cost-effective solutions and uncompromised quality helped us grow and led us to success. Now we are proud to be a worldwide service provider with most of our clients in North America and Western Europe.

How do we work?

Excellent communication.

As we know communication is fundamental part of any project, we provide variety of communication channels to our clients. No matter if it is about planning, changing or resolving problems – we are always open for a discussion, as we believe it is the best way to deal with problems.

High quality.

It is essential for the programming that the code is: well-formed, self-explanatory and intuitively structured. To ensure this we follow strict conventions with the most common rules. With our experience in design patterns we are able to form agile code in flexible structures and in this way make changes on the fly much easier and painless.

Reasonable prices.

Our big advantage comes from our location. Bulgaria is one of the most eastern members of the European Union and thus being between the east and the west we can benefit from both. From the West we took the quality standards and the business model, from the East - the lower costs.

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