• "CK-13 Hold-ing" JSC

    "CK-13 Hold-ing" JSC

    www.ck13.com During the past years CK-13 Holding JSC through its subsidiary companies has executed with the due quality and within the terms specified numerous sites of road and railroad construction at the country; as well as town mains in Sofia - streets, tramways and metropolitan tramways; sewage; highpressure and non-pressure...» View more...
  • SAMCA Project

    SAMCA Project

    www.samcaproject.org/ The EEA Grants and the Norwegian Cooperation Programme with Bulgaria, also called the Norway Grants, are related to the European Economic Area Agreement, which ties the EEA EFTA States Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein to the EU, allowing them to participate in the single market and cooperate in areas such as research...» View more...
  • Shenkin's World of Bridge

    Shenkin's World of Bridge

    www.shenkinbridge.com He burst on to the bridge scene as a Junior with a truly remarkable run of success. Barnet was the first Scottish player to win the prestigious "Sunday Times" (Macallan) Invitational Pairs, in 1976, aged 25, with 21-year-old Michael Rosenberg. In 1997 Barnet decided to move to USA to concentrate on playing, writing...» View more...
  • Alpha Grissin Infotech BG

    Alpha Grissin Infotech BG

    www.alphagrissin.bg The company started operating in December 2004 and since then is trading as Alpha Grissin Infotech BG AD with registered office in Sofia, Bulgaria. Today as the leading company of Bulgaria in Business Critical Continuity offers solutions such as: UPS systems Diesel Generators High Precision Air Conditioning...» View more...
  • TelePoint Banner

    TelePoint Banner

    TELEPOINT is a Carrier Neutral Colocation and Data Center, equipped with professional technologies, designed to satisfy the highest level of requirements, according to the global standards in the Telecommunications. The Data Center is situated near the center of Sofia close to the current central peering point of the...» View more...
  • Forex Consult

    Forex Consult

    www.forex-consult.com Forex-Consult is a website dedicated to providing relevant and professional trading information for traders at all levels in order to be more successful in forex trading. Our signals are results of our systematic trading strategy developed through extremely hard work and are used by banks, hedge funds, institutes, top...» View more...
  • Larry Cohen

    Larry Cohen

    www.larryco.com Former computer-programmer and options trader, but presently makes living from lecturing, writing/publishing bridge books/articles. Larry has played bridge in a dozen different countries in special invitational tournaments. Authored To Bid or Not to Bid about the LAW Of Total Tricks, and it was the best-selling...» View more...
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