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  • From:Mick Rasmussen, CTO, SlopeTracker AS.

    I highly recommend working with AttainDreams. I worked with other different outsourcing providers prior to contracting AttainDreams. No other company really understood the complexity of our projects. They all promised to deliver at a very low price and in the end produced little poor quality work. Many other companies were scams or guys that just act as a broker and outsourced the work to someone else. AttainDreams was different in every way. First, they took time to understand the concepts. They also provided me with advice for free when I was under contract with another team. The quoted price was certainly not the lowest but it was realistic, unlike the other companies that started low then increased it later. The communicating is seamless. Most importantly their code quality and programming intuition is superb.

    I could not be happier from the job they did and continue doing. After a year of searching I have finally found a team that delivers quality work on time and on budget.

  • From:доц. д-р. Боян Добрев. Управител на "Сензор С" ЕООД

    Работя с Атейн Дриймс от началото на 2011 година и те ми помогнаха да разширя възможностите на мултимедията, която моята фирма "Сензор С" прави.

    Много съм доволен от работата си с тях и Ви ги горещо препоръчвам! Работата с Атейн Дриймс е истинско удовоствие!

  • From:Nadezhda Dzhakova. International Relations Coordinator, National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

    I confirm that I have dealt with the AttainDreams Ltd since 2011. They provide an excellent support in the areas of the website engineering. AttainDreams team designed the website launch of the Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art project to the National art Gallery of Bulgaria. Their website solutions are of a very high quality. The price, the service and the attendance to the client are excellent as well.

    Therefore, I highly recommend the AttainDreams Ltd as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.

    Yours faithfully,

  • From:Nikolay Raykov. President, ADIS Consulting Group Ltd.

    In Attain Dreams, you don't just find a website developer company, but an experienced consultant and a reliable partner. When ADIS Consulting Group Ltd asked Attain Dreams to build our new website we just expressed our rough idea. The result after many common meetings was far beyond expectations. Thank you guys!

  • From:Barnet Shenkin

    Attain Dreams.

    When I first decided to make a website it was very unclear how I should proceed. Fortunately I received a recommendation from my golfing friend Larry Cohen and he directed me to Martin Bozhilov at Attain Dreams.

    Over a period of a few months he dealt with the various issues of planning and presenting my ideas and material in the most effective way.In order to do this he suggested some good solutions.Ultimately I was delighted with the end result. I am advised by my users that the site is both visually entertaining ,and easy to navigate through ,which is the key.

    One of the most important aspects of a website is being able to adept and change information and material when required . While it is still early for me Martin has helped me do that with the site . He has also spent a substantial amount of his time teaching me to add my own material ( when it is not too complex).

    I have no hesitation in recommending Martin Bozhilov. He has proved to be straightforward, easy to work with, and very professional. He is someone you can trust to put a lot of effort to your problems and come up with a solution.

    Take a tour of my site at www.shenkinbridge.com to see his work.

    Best wishes,
    Barnet Shenkin

  • From:Sotiris Giakoumis. Sales Manager, Alpha Grissin Infotech BG

    In Attain Dreams, you don't just find a website developer company, but an experienced consultant and a reliable partner. When Alpha Grissin Infotech asked Attain Dreams to build our new website we just expressed our rough idea. The result after many common meetings was far beyond expectations. Thank you guys!

  • From:Larry Cohen. Bridge Champion Florida, USA

    Working with Attain Dreams has been a very satisfying and professional business experience. Based on a recommendation from a trusted computer guru, I decided to work with them. They clearly spelled out the plan and executed it well. The prices were reasonable and the service/contact was always available. As I write this we are near completion of my website, www.larryco.com -- a site I am now proud of.

  • From:Rumen Mihov. President, Rumen Mihov Ltd.

    Our company have used AttainDreams for development of several desktop and web applications. Their programmers have in-depth knowledge about the .NET platform, which make them capable of delivering high quality code. Through close communication with the customer, AttainDreams efficiently manage to transform business concepts and specifications into first class software products.

  • From:Jordan Kiselichki. Manager, Business House Ltd.

    AttainDreams team was very efficient in the specification analyze of our corporate needs and offered us solutions for accelerating the communication between the workers in the different departments. During the system building process they gave us a lot of constructive ideas that we applied later.

    The specialists from AttainDreams did a great job and all in time. They strengthen their position as correct partner. We highly appreciate their services and interest in solving any of our problems. So far we are strongly convinced that working with AttainDreams was the right choice. We recommend AttainDreams services to everyone, who needs fast and efficient reaction.

    These are just some of the reasons, because of why we recommend working with AttainDreams.

  • From:Liliana Ivanova. President, Training Management Ltd.

    All of our strict requirements were covered by using the qualified developers and efficient management of AttainDreams. Their work is professional and with high quality.

    We have to note that the AttainDreams team is able to follow strictly a given specification and to use innovative and leading technologies. They finished the work in time and the job was done with high quality although the complexity of the project. In the rare cases when we needed technical support, AttainDreams gave it to us quickly and professionally.

    Training Management Ltd. recommend AttainDreams Ltd. as reliable and correct partner.


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